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Yamir is led and managed by a board of directors made up of founder-directors as well as professionals who are a potent combination of rich hands-on experience and youthful modernity.

Disciplined, committed and a champion of systematic functioning, Managing Director Shri Yogesh Mahadevia plays a key role in spearheading growth strategies for the group. While his strong business sense strengthens the financial roots of the group, the extensive and long years of experience of Shri Anil Mahadevia and Shri Harshad Mahadevia lend advisory support to its progress path.

Putting into action these forward-thinking action plans are Shri Hyuma Mahadevia with his pioneering marketing, technology and quality strategies, who infuses youthful energy and passion with his skills in IT, production and finance and Shri Rushikesh V Sukla who has been holding forte in the departments of purchase and production since its inception.

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