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Technology is Yamir's confidence. Because cutting edge technology used at Yamir is the result of thorough research, client requirement assessment, the best in the world and updated.

Long years of experience in working with retail companies from across the country helped the Yamir marketing and research team realize that retail product packaging controls the decision of the customer at the point of purchase. And, hence it has become increasingly important for the customer to see an exact representation of the final folding carton and not just a hand-made dummy.

Keeping with its philosophy of innovation, automation and integration, in the year 2009, Yamir went for the revamping of its pre-press department, making it a critical arm of the printing process by investing into the world-class Esko software.

Fast, accurate and giving the perfect look and feel of a carton virtually with all the effects, the Esko Software was a boon which integrated the thought processes of design agencies, the customers as well as the packaging developers to produce competitive, purposeful, high quality, cost-effective and visually attractive folding cartons.

Esko helps prepress department converts customer artworks into print-ready files within short deadlines without compromising on quality

Epson PROOFER + Sample maker
Integrated with the Esko software, the Epson proofer and sample maker has revolutionized the packaging proofing and sample making industry. And, it is this revolutionary technology that we have instituted in the pre-press department at Yamir Packaging.

By bringing the production of proofing sheets and subsequent sample making inhouse, not only has Yamir strengthened the proofing approval process with no cost of setting up production runs but it has also cut down on the lengthy and tedious process of sample making by hand. The Proofer also has a robotic arm to calibrate proofer with actual machine.

With no stages of machine-printed proofing (printing/ print outs of the single up artwork in sheet) and dummy proofing or ongoing production proofing, the software, proofer and sample maker together rule out human error and its related rejections and promise quick turnarounds of new jobs. The software comes with an integrated database and automatically creates plate layouts and keylines for die preparation.

Graphic designers in the Yamir pre-press team use Esko ArtiosCAD software with various plugins for structural design, product development and virtual prototyping.

While Esko's Deskpack product helps designers import all structural design files (CAD data) / artworks and helps create repetitions for print-ready production files, the Studio visualizer is a 3D packaging design tool which helps the Yamir Sales Team send different ideas of look and feel online to the customer or design agency to help them choose their final carton specifications. It creates exciting 3D visuals to show to the customers, ranging from PDF files with 3D content to movies, or a virtual carton shot. Esko Plato is the software that links the multi-up layout to the plate maker.

With complete 3D modeling and design integration, Yamir's prepress and the marketing team can produce mechanical prototype designs of cartons from the customer's artworks with permutation-combinations of surface finishes vis-à-vis backdrops of shopping centres, malls, medical shops or natural light. These are then emailed to the customer for approval.

The computer to plate (CTP) imaging technology has eliminated an entire process of positive making in the pre-production stages. This single elimination of a process has not only reduced the development costs of cartons, it has also reduced a huge margin of human error that earlier created havoc in production schedules and increased online and customer rejections.

The highlights of the CTP machinery are hereunder:
  • PlateRite 8600- Thermal plate recorder with plate processor (Dainippon, Singapore)
  • Speed of m/c: 22 Plates/ Hr
  • Laser rays used for plate exposing

One of the key qualities that make or break a packaging cartons image is its colour shades. It is this quality of a carton which is held in highest regard at Yamir and to have complete control over the printed shades Yamir has instituted the Ink Matching Centre.

A major investment in quality assurance at, this in-house marvel at Yamir facility ensures quality compliance of the cartons with respect to their approved colours and shades. Ink shades used for printing are manufactured at the centre with the help of the following technology

  • IGT Orange Proofer, (Netherlands)
  • Ink Matching/ Formulation Software, (Gretag Macbeth –Germany)
  • Spectroeye from (Gretag Macbeth, Germany ): Gives color precision in numerical values eliminating human error

Heidelberg, Germany: 6 Colour Printing Machine with Coater

  • 15,000 sheets per hour
  • 28" X 40" size
  • Remote-controlled functions
  • Intelligent press control system (IPC) Shadecards
  • Printing with UV Ink
Heidelberg, Germany: 5 Colour Printing Machine with Coater

  • 15,000 sheets per hour
  • 21" X 30" size
  • Remote-controlled functions
  • Intelligent press control system (IPC)
Mitsubishi, Japan: 4 Colour Printing Machine

  • 13,000 sheets per hour
  • 28" X 40" size
  • Remote-controlled functions
  • Intelligent press control system (IPC)

FC-105 UV Spot Varnishing Machine
  • Varnish Coater with Anilox Roller
  • Used for spot and full coat
UV Spot Varnishing Machine, Wen Chyuan From Taiwan
  • Spot Varnish
Lotussf-102 Auto Lamination Machine
  • Fully automated processes

Processes done in this machinery include:
  • Window Patching
  • Window facility at 3 sides of carton
  • Bag in Box facility
  • Creasing on film

Autoplaten Punching Machine (Bobst, Switzerland)
Novacut 106 Autoplaten Press (Bobst, Switzerland)
Maxima Exb 35- Acme
Common Highlights
  • High speed
  • Pre-breaking
  • 8000 Sheets per hour
  • Scoring facility
  • Automatic waste stripping
  • High precision embossing

Folder Gluer Media - (Bobst, Switzerland)
Folder-Gluer Fuego 80 A-2 Universal - (Bobst, Switzerland)
Acme Brand Folder Gluer
Cartonal Folder Gluer
Common Highlights

  • High speed gluing
  • Flexibility
  • High Productivity
  • Multiple pasting
  • Crash lock pasting
  • Pre-folding facility
  • Online Quality Control
  • Hot Melt module