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We produce a seamless range of cartons such as :

  • Folding Box Mono Cartons
  • Met Pet Cartons
  • Alu-Foil Laminated cartons
  • E-flute Cartons
  • F-Flute Cartons

Our expertise lies in various shapes and designs of cartons ranging from Reverse Tuck in cartons, Crash Lock cartons, Lined Cartons, Bag-in-box cartons, Cartons with Window patching and window lamination, UV and Aqua varnish finishes, Blister Varnish finishes, Covert and Overt Protection Printing, Embossing (including Braille), Foil stamping cartons, Metalized Foil Board Printing, Texture finish printing, UV ink printing etc. And many such finishing styles as per customers' needs.

Met Pet Printing

Normally in offset printing, the ink drying is through absorption but while printing on metpet or plastics, none of the ink is absorbed. The key here is to dry the ink. For that we use UV curable inks and cure them with UV lamps. For the same, we have the best technology in the world from IST Germany. The lamps are made to order with special lamps for the whites and special refectlors, thus enabling proper ink curing even at greater speeds.

Drip Effect

Drip effect or texture effect is achieved by printing with UV curable inks. This technique gives certain areas rough or textured effect and certain areas as glossy. This also creates a matt-gloss effect. This is very much used in cosmetics and gives the product a luxury feel.

Braille Text Embossing

Braille text embossing is compulsory for pharma cartons that are exported to Europe. The key here is that the height of the braille dots should be perfect else it would be difficult for the blind person to read. Secondly none of the dots should be misplaced or should be in excess because this may change the meaning. 4.25mg may become 425mg. Thus the criticality with the braille text embossing is high.

Covert Security Printing (Coin Reactive Ink)

This is a kind of security printing that the end customers can use to find out whether the carton or product is genuine or fake. This is done in many ways. The best example here is printing with coin reactive ink. The biggest challenge with printing coin reactive inks is that you cannot see the colour as it is white printed on a white board. With less density, the ink may not react and with more density the ink may become smudged, even while reacting with the coin. For further information on the same, please contact

Overt Security Printing (Micro text Printing, Flash Varnish- Aqua & U.V.)

This is a kind of security printing that the end users will never know, but only the staff of our buyer will know and they can look for such printing in the samples to know weather this is genuine or not. The best example is micro text printing. In this technique, we print text so small that even with an 8x magnifying glass, you can not make out what is the text printed. It looks like a line only. It is only when you see with 15x magnification, you can make out what text is printed. For this the condition of the machine and skills with printing and printing inks should be excellent else this is not possible. Controlling of printing of such small text is also difficult. For further info please contact

Liner Carton

"Bag in inside, Box on outside" is the punch line here. Liner cartons is a combination of flexible packaging and rigid packaging. for your product, the product enjoys the barrier properties of the flexible packaging through the use of customised liner pouch inside and enjoys the rigidity of the carton. moreover the premiumness of the carton can also be availed.

Flip Top - Cigarette Style Carton

We have special attachments on our machine to do flip top type cartons. This type of cartons are getting very popular in cases when the end buyer wants to retain the carton after opening or just partly uses the product after opening.

Blister Varnish - Heat-sealable coating (apart from Aqua & U.V.)

This is a special application of heal sealable coating that is done on the cards. This enable our buyers to heat seal an product. The criticality here that the coating should remain on the board and should not be absorbed into the board. For this certain tests are done in-house and during production to ensure that all the cards will be heat sealed perfectly at our customers end.

Spot U.V.

With 2 online coaters and 2 offline coaters, we can coat the cartons with an extra gloss and smoothness. By giving the cartons an extra primer coat and then coating it with UV lacquers, the gloss and the smoothness that is achieved is phenomenal and with flexo coaters, the stability of the gloss is maintained throughout the lot.

Foil Stamping (Metallic or Holographic)

Foil stamping provides the cartons with extra sheen at some specific areas. This can be done with silver, gold or any other colours as per the requirement of the customers.

Window Lamination & Window Patching

We have the ability to do both window patching or window lamination as per the customers requirement. Generally window lamination is done but when the customers wants to leave a window and also wants tot have a spot UV or does not want to use lamination, then window patching is done.